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A walking tour «Old Odessa»



Walking  around historical places of the old city (Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya Square), architectural monuments: Opera Theatre, Philharmonic Society, Town Hall, Vorontsov Palace, Theatre and Cathedral Squares, theatres, museums. Visiting the Italian court yard, Pale-Royal, City Garden. Interesting facts connected with architectural monuments and names of outstanding historic figures and well-known inhabitants of Odessa: A.Pushkin, Utesov, Babel, Katayev, Duke de Richelieu, Duke Vorontsov, Ekaterina II, monument to the  "Orange" … You can sit   on the 12th chair, on a bench near Utesov, embrace the Love Tree in the Gardens, make a wish and it will surely come true.

Cost of this excursion:

in Russian

450 UAH/group up to 20 people. (2-3 hours).

550 UAH/group up to 40 people


in English

650 UAH/group up to 20 people

750 UAH/group up to 40people

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