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Sightseeing tour «The Black Sea Pearl»



A combined  bus - walking tour around the city. The city centre, Arcadia, the Big Fountain, Frantsuzsky Boulevard (here there are holiday camps, health resorts, the Botanical gardens,  Sparkling Wines Factory, the Film studio), Shevchenko Avenue, Pushkinskaya St., Tamozhennaya Square, Sea Port, ancient streets and other remarkable objects of our city. Walk along beautiful pedestrian area (Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya Square) enjoy the view of the famous sights: Opera theatre, Philharmonic Society,Town Hall,  Voronsov Palace , Theatre and Cathedral Squares, theatres and  museums. Visit the Italian court yard, Pale-Royal, the Gardens with a Love Tree. Listen to entertaining stories about  architectural sights , outstanding historical people and,  well-known inhabitants of Odessa: A.Pushkin, Utesov, Babel, Katayev, Duke de Richelieu, Count Vorontsov, Ekaterina II,  monuments to Orange and  the 12th  chair …


Cost of this excursion:

in Russian

1000 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1150 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1300 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter (up to 20 persons);

2100 UAH –   Neoplan (up to 50 people)


in English

1200 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1350 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1500 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter ( up to 20 people);

2300 UAH– Neoplan (up to 50 people)

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