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«The Odessa catacombs»



 A bus will take you to the catacombs, situated near Nerubayskoye village. History of catacombs, events in catacombs in XIХ -ХХ-th centuries are presented. The Odessa catacombs are the best-known in the world. Their length is about three thousand kilometers. You can just compare some numbers: the Roman catacombs length is three hundred kms, the Parisian - five hundred kms. The  Odessa catacombs are entangled,  long and confusing labyrinths. They pass under Odessa and used to have numerous exits to the seashore. In the remote galleries which are fenced off from the main labyrinth by concrete walls, there are  warehouses, cognac and wine cellars, emergency shelters. Visitors of art gallery in Korolenko St. in Odessa can see a secret passage that many years ago connected the palace of princess Pototsky with the seashore.

In the village Nerubayskoye near Odessa the Museum of Partisan Movement works. The unique underground museum displays museum pieces dealing with partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War, the period of Odessa occupation by fascists, they tell about  the activity of an  outstanding intelligence agent Vladimir Molodtsov-Badayev and  the partisans underground camp life. In this place you can get to know about   the Soviet partisans and their role  in the  resistance movement, The museum  is on the depth of 20 m. In the museum exposition the weapons and personal belongings of the partisans are also displayed.

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1000 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1150 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1300 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter (up to 20 persons);

2100 UAH –   Neoplan (up to 50 people)


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1200 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1350 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1500 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter ( up to 20 people);

2300 UAH – Neoplan (up to 50 people)

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