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«Criminal Odessa»



A bus tour.

 Acquaintance with a shadowy past of Odessa. After a Turkish fortress Hadzhibey was captured by the Russian army and the Ukrainian Cossacks , it was decided to build a city and a  port here. And lots of people with criminal past started  coming to Odessa... During the excursion you will visit the Customs, park Shevchenko (an old fortress wall) and quarantine harbor, "Chumka", a well-known area called Moldavanka and move along Myasoyedovskaya Str. The notorious head of  Odessa criminal world known as Mishka Yaponchik was born in Moldavanka. Under the name of Benya Kreek he is known to everybody who read « Odessa tales» by Isaak Babel. In Moldavanka there was the thieves’ "academy" preparing bandits who lived not only in the Russian Empire, but even moved abroad. Odessa was the city of legendary thieves and swindlers, such as Sonka the Gold Hand - an unsurpassed pickpocket, Leva Zadov – the chief of Makhno investigation service, Nyuma Kotov and many other criminal leaders.

Cost of this excursion:

in Russian

1000 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1150 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1300 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter (up to 20 persons);

2100 UAH –   Neoplan


in English

1200 UAH – the car (up to 3 people);

1350 UAH –minibus (up to 6 people);

1500 UAH – the route bus - Sprinter ( up to 20 people);

2300 UAH –   Neoplan (up to 50 people)

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